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Sierra Hardwick

Pilot, War Eagle women Blue - Team 60

Sierra Hardwick, a senior and Auburn, Alabama, native, is pursuing her commercial certification with a ME rating in professional flight. When she isn’t flying, you can see her at football games performing as a member of the Auburn University Marching Band Danceline. Along with being the secretary of Eta Mu Sigma Auburn Chapter, the Aviation Honor Society, she is a member of the Aviation Center’s Striped Wings Student Ambassadors where she participates in tours, career fairs, outreach programs and conferences. She’s excited for her first year ARC experience as she flies PIC (Pilot-in-Command) of Team 60. 


Mattie McKenna

Co-Pilot, War eagle women Blue - Team 60

Mattie McKenna, a 2018 professional flight graduate, started her flight training in 2015 in Sarasota, Florida. After completing her training along with her degree, she advanced into the role of certified flight instructor at Auburn University. Mattie spent her time while in college as a member of the Striped Wings Aviation Ambassadors as well as an active member of the Delta Gamma sorority.  This will be her second year to fly in the Air Race Classic.  She will fly alongside Sierra Hardwick as the SIC (Second-in-Command) for the War Eagle Women, Team 60.



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Caitlyn Miller

pilot, War eagle women orange - team 61

Caitlyn Miller, a Memphis, Tennessee, native, earned her bachelor’ degree in professional flight with a Spanish minor in spring of 2019. Caitlyn will continue her training at Auburn University as a certified flight instructor, teaching students and honing her flight skills toward her goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot like her father. Last fall, she traveled the globe during her free time while holding the coveted Delta Air Lines Flight Ops internship. Caitlyn will lead Team 61 as PIC, Pilot-in-Command. 



Kendall Higdon

Co-pilot, war eagle women orange - team 61

Kendall Higdon, a 2018 Auburn graduate, is currently a certified flight instructor at Auburn University and SIC, Second-in-Command, for Team 61. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, she’s loved aviation ever since she can remember. Choosing Auburn University specifically for its aviation program, she received all of her certificates and ratings while attending classes. Her passion for aviation led her to co-found the Women in Aviation International - War Eagle Chapter and serve as the chapter president during its first year. She is currently building flight time to pursue a career as an airline pilot.  


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